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Hong Kong Pole Dancing: IPC Hong Kong Competition

June 11, 2012
By Harry In April I had the honor of going to one of the most inspiring competitions.  Fortunately, I was videoing the event.  Since we're all about alternative movement on OH, I wanted to share this video with all of you.  Most of us don't think that pole dancing is a sport, but I'd argue that it deserves Extreme Sport status.  But, don't take my word for it.  Check out this little teaser I put together for the documentary...     For more info and videos on IPC check out: Pole Championship
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Thailand in 90 Seconds: 6 Days, 40GB of footage, Two Travelers

May 14, 2012
By Harry Thailand has always been one of my favorite countries to visit on a retreat.  After the OH world tour I found myself representing OH in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Hobo).  I needed a retreat and flights to Thailand were super cheap on Air Asia.  Here is a short that showcases everything I love about Thailand through Eat, Move, and Roll. Buy the Music to this Video: The Rapture Check out Part 1 of this video! Part 2 If you Like this post Check out: Hong Kong Hobo, Florentino, Buda Bike      
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Wallaroo Slacklines in Mira Flores: Where to find the Slackline crew

March 30, 2012
By Harry About 15 months ago Bruce and I made B-Line, a showcase to Bruce's love for slacklining. Since then we've slacklined all over the world, but when we got to Lima, Peru, we really found a slacklining posy. We started with one slackline and before we knew it five other slacklines were up. Apparently, Lima has their own slackline company called wallaroo slacklines. After we made friends with Frank and Bernd from Wallaroo the Mira Florez Police decided to bother us. Fortunately, the people of Mira Florez were fed up with the authorities. Even the people watching the slackliners pitched in and helped us get rid of the renta cops that make up ... (more...)
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Action Shots: Photos that Move

March 1, 2012
By Harry When Organic Hobo first started Bruce and I had one video: Tacfit Warrior, the video that won us our foundation money to kick start this project.  Movement and staying fit is high on the priority list for being an Organic Hobo. But the food videos quickly followed because we had one important message: “Eating well is just as important as movement and staying fit.”  Throughout our Move blogs we've posted  a few movement routines that we fell in love with on the road.  In short we  love movement videos!  But, what about photos?  With internet problems in South America we haven’t been able to upload any new videos, so instead here is an album that encompasses ... (more...)
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Rock Climbing Chile: Newly developed climbing

February 16, 2012
By Harry Like most rock climbers we're looking to climb everywhere we can.  Chile's great landscape and beautiful rock makes Bouldering and Sport Climbing hard to resist.  Here are a few shots of our climbing.   If you like these photos check out: Postcards from Coquimbo,  Spanish Rocks, The Phoenix    
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Argentinian Rock Climb: Where To Go Climb When You’re in Argentina

January 16, 2012
By Harry Back in SF, Bruce and I would climb at the rock climbing gym, Mission Cliffs.  While on the road, we've missed our beloved climbing gym. Somehow, our climbing friends have always managed to visit us on our travels. On New Year's Eve, we bumped into our friend, Roy, by accident.  Roy happened to be in Mendoza visiting his family for the holidays.  Naturally, he wanted to see us and helped set us up for an awesome time in his hometown of Mendoza. Rocks in Mendoza were vast, but not everything was bolted.  Our highlight climbing craig was about 2-3hrs outside of Mendoza, on the Chilean boarder of Argentina.  I think you’ll agree that the landscape was nothing short of ... (more...)
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Bogota Tacfit: How to work out in a jungle gym at elevation

December 6, 2011
By Harry Once we’re on the road it’s tough to get a work out in.  Sometimes days go by and we find ourselves worn out from the sheer trivials of travel.  Our bodies start to crave a proper muscle fatigue.  When we got into Bogota this was the case.  Our legs were sore and over worked from skateboarding and hiking the huge hills, but we needed some upper body conditioning.  So we found a little park with a jungle gym where we did a modified TACfit Tabata. Four Exercises: Tabata (20s on 10s off 8x one minute break in between).  I've provided an explanation of three different versions but if you want a great coach and ... (more...)
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Spanish Rocks: La Pedriza

December 1, 2011
by Bruce With the exception of one late afternoon sesh at an indoor climbing gym, it’d been over a week since Harry and I had climbed.  Even Miguel hadn’t climbed in over a month. The lousy weather was no help either.  Finally,  one Friday, the skies cleared and we loaded the car with our gear and set out to La Pedriza. Less than 70 minutes from Madrid lies one of the most fantastic granite formations in central Spain.  For any outdoor enthusiast, just to see and hike the trails is a reward. For us, it was a rock climbing paradise.  The folks back at King ... (more...)
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Budapest on 2 Wheels: Yes, that’s right, a segway tour

By Harry After Bruce and I finished our bike tour in Budapest, the owner of Yellow Zebra Bikes and Discover Budapest was so impressed by our video that he let us join another tour.  We gladly accepted.  This time, team OH was about to do a move tour unlike any move tour we've done. In the past, I've looked down on Segway tours.  People always looked dorky to me, wearing helmets and riding on a silly-looking contraption.  However, like Bruce said in the video, "I will gladly wear these dorky helmets if I get to ride on a segway." Of course, B and I had to figure out some tricks to riding on this electric gadget. The ... (more...)
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King Kong Dyno: What OH does on a rainy day in Madrid

November 29, 2011
By Harry November weather in Madrid wasn't exactly outdoor climbing weather.  So, Bruce, Miguel, and I decided to go to a rock climbing gym.  King Kong Climbing Gym was a bit of a drive away from Miguel's house, but we knew the climbing would be fun.  The bouldering wall far surpassed the lead wall, so we decided to boulder and practice our dynos. For those of you who don't know what a dyno is, it's a dynamic movement from one rock climbing hold to another. Usually, it involves having both your feet and hands completely off the rock for a split second. Think of a jump, but on a rock -- this is a ... (more...)
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