Conosur: Where to eat lunch if you are in Bogota or Medellian

By Harry

Local cafe chains are something I’ve often accepted as long as the quality is kept. In Bogota and Medellin, our friend Natalia introduced us to Conosur. This was a fusion of Latin taste with a Japanese style food.  Bruce and I loved the concept so much we had to make a short video about it.

What I loved most about this place is that they had the ability to use a plantain as a taco shell.  And for desert, they had a cone made with rice crispies.  Being gluten intolerant, I haven’t had a cone since I was a kid.  Funnily enough, I never really liked cones as a kid anyway, but a rice crispy cone is a completely different story.

The food itself is moderately priced, but the concept of convenience was what we loved.  Great flavors with options of ceviche, carnitas, carne asada, and so on.

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