King Kong Dyno: What OH does on a rainy day in Madrid

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By Harry

November weather in Madrid wasn’t exactly outdoor climbing weather.  So, Bruce, Miguel, and I decided to go to a rock climbing gym.  King Kong Climbing Gym was a bit of a drive away from Miguel’s house, but we knew the climbing would be fun.  The bouldering wall far surpassed the lead wall, so we decided to boulder and practice our dynos.

For those of you who don’t know what a dyno is, it’s a dynamic movement from one rock climbing hold to another. Usually, it involves having both your feet and hands completely off the rock for a split second. Think of a jump, but on a rock — this is a dyno. You might think, “Why would someone want to do this move?” Duh, because it’s cool! But even more so, sometimes you legitimately have no other option but to jump from one hold to the next.

Most boulder-style climbers like this style of climbing, and King Kong did not disappoint. They even had a dangling hold floating in the air, which Bruce and I attempted to dyno with little success.  Perhaps it was our way of saving something for next time…


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Posted in: MOVE, OH TV, Rocks, Spain, video