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La Bodega Abasto: Where to find the best Fresh and Local Cuisine in Bogota

By Harry

If there is one restaurant that I frequent regularly in San Francisco, it’s NOPA. NOPA is one of those restaurants that led the sustainable farm-to-table philosophy that many new SF restaurants have now adopted. Their food is pretty darn good as well (I believe they have the best burger and pork chop in SF). So, when I was introduced to Abasto, I was reminded of what NOPA did half a decade ago (For more information on NOPA follow this link)

Tucked away in a small corner of Usaquen, Abasto offeres home-style Colombian food and sources from Colombia’s most sustainable farmers.  A new and good friend of ours, local artist Ramon Laserna, told us that we had to experience it so, he joined us at the marketplace, La Bodega de Abasto, as did our host Alyse ( and Francisco her husband.  Keep in mind there are two locations in Usaquen with La Bodega being the newer addition that houses the boutique market.

Benjamin, the owner and chef at Abasto, along with his colleague Luz, served up some of the best roast chicken and roast beef that I’ve had on our year- long  voyage.  This place is special and inspiring culinary trends as NOPA did in San Francisco.  Even more of a reason to go is to enjoy the neighborhood of Usaquén.  Its full of terrific eateries, small shops and vendors selling artisanal, and there’s a nice farmers/flea market every Sunday.

La Bodega Abasto
Calle 120A #3-5
Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia


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2 Responses to La Bodega Abasto: Where to find the best Fresh and Local Cuisine in Bogota

  1. UB says:

    That chicken looks incredible! Can you get me an order to go please?

  2. UB says:

    By the way, what was that in the basket in front of the bakers? Looks like some sort of zarsamora crumb cake/pie creation. Yeah, they look good too. Say toss one of those in my to go order!