Ham Plate @ Zero Zero
SF Day of Gluttony Challenge: Dinner (Part 4)

By Harry

After Happy Hour both Bruce and I needed to drop off our motorcycles.  We didn’t want to be irresponsible.  So like good boys we dropped off our bikes, but now we had to finish our drinks as well as our food.  At Bar Crudo we had wine, soft shell crab, and half a dosen oysters which didn’t hurt as bad as before.  The next stop was Zero Zero where we met my friend Tim the general manager.  Tim was so excited to see us he threw in an arugula salad, not knowing that we had to finish everything on our plate.  Fearless, team OH dove right in finishing our cocktails, ham plate, and salad.  Oola was just next door and Bruce had a few friends waiting for us.  More cocktails and brussels sprouts with bacon filled the top layer of our tummies.

The night was getting fuzzy and our footage was getting darker and darker.  Bar Agricole was next and we knew cocktails were coming.  Anchovies with more salad, cocktails, and shots were dealt (which didn’t make the video because I could barely see straight at this point).  Taxi!  Off we went to Beretta.  Bruce has been a bar tender in SF for over a decade.  Industry peeps like to get each other drunk.  Beretta provided an amazing seafood soup called a Cioppino, and more booze.  I couldn’t keep what we had straight because, well as inappropriate as it may be, I’ve blacked out at this point.  The night was patchy and I seriously don’t remember taking a shot of Fernet Branca (another SF Industry classic digestive).

There were only two more places on the list and I needed more food.  Ironic isn’t it.  After eating all day I needed more food to soak up that alcohol that I’d ingested.  My climbing buddy Jay the owner of Maven kept Maven open a little late for us.  But, we didn’t make it before the kitchen closed.  Not to worry Jay had booze to give.  A specialty Burbon made for Maven.  I was beyond hammared.  One more to go.  Some how I managed to talk my way into NOPA, after the owner told me I was too drunk to film.  Which isn’t far from the truth, I was pretty smashed, but I’m good at filming even when I’m drunk surprisingly.  Our final stop was booze free (It was the only way I could convince him to let us in).  I ordered a NOPA Burger and Bruce shared a crepe, a cheesecake, and some sort of brule with our friends Vanessa, Annalee, and Morgan.  Somehow, I managed to consume a full plate of burger and fries with little help.

I was relieved.  The Day of Gluttony Challenge was over! I was a free man.

DOG It’s been an experience.  I will remember you forever and hopefully so will everyone else…



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The List: Restaurants On the Menu
Matching Half - Expresso
Plow - Chinese Breakfast 
Brendas - Shrimp and Grits 
Brouletts - Quinua Granola
Blue Bottle Ferry - Gibraltar
Out the Door - Spring Rolls
American Grilled Cheese - GF Jalapeno Popper
Local Mission Eatery - Little Gem Salad 
Rosamunde - Merguez  Sausage
Namu - Short Rib Korean Tacos
Little Chihuahua - Carnitas Tacos
Afternoon Tea & Happy Hour:
Four Barrel - V60 Drip
Smitten Ice Cream - Strawberry & Vanilla
Samovar - Wei Chi Cha
Magnolia Gastro Brew Pub - Devils on Horseback & Pickle dish & Kalifornia Kolsch 
Alembic - Duck hearts & Promissory Note
Jaspers Corner Tap - Baby Back Ribs & Pale Rider
Cantina - Pisco Sour 
Bar Crudo - Fresh Oysters, Soft Shell Crab Tacos
Zero Zero - Ham Plate, Arugula Salad, Cocktails
Oola - Fried Brussels Sprout
Bar Agricole - Fried Anchovies, Fruit Cup, & Taquila Fix
Beretta - Cioppino, Diablo, Anejo Sour
Maven - Maven Jamison Reserve
NOPA - NOPA Burger, Burnt Honey Pot de creme


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